MovieMaker for Mac OS X help and info

  • Is Moviemaker for Mac OS X safe?

    As this program has been independently reviewed by industry peers, users can be assured that it is safe from viruses and other types of bugs that may cause harm to an operating system.

  • What is Moviemaker for Mac OS X?

    This program is essentially a means to create a slide show of a collection of pictures before sending them to a recipient. There are a handful of basic controls which can come in useful such as the ability to designate how long each image will display as well as changing the video resolution.

  • Is Moviemaker for Mac OS X free to download and install?

    Although the basic version is free to try, it is limited to files which contain fewer than 100 images. Those who are looking to send slide shows with a greater number of images will be required to make a purchase.

  • Is Moviemaker for Mac OS X updated on a regular basis?

    According to the latest findings, the last time that this program was updated occurred in April 2014 (version 1.4.1). It is not clear as to whether or not the publisher intends to provide any future upgrades when the software becomes available.

  • How much free memory space will I need to install Moviemaker for Mac OS X?

    One of the benefits of this program is that it is rather lightweight in terms of the memory that it requires. Its total file size is 5.91 megabytes.

  • Is Moviemaker for Mac OS X available for smartphones?

    As of the time that this article was written, there was no version of Moviemaker for Mac OS X available for Apple-powered mobile devices. However, please note that the user can send the finished files to his or her smartphone in order to share them with others.

  • Can Moviemaker for Mac OS X work with other file-sharing programs?

    There are several in-app options in the event that the user wants to employ popular third-party software to share images. Some common choices include Message, AirDrop, Vimeo and Facebook.

  • What type of file is Moviemaker for Mac OS X?

    This bundle will be downloaded as a ZIP file ( Users will therefore need to extract it through the correct program. There are numerous choices to select and the computer will normally determine which one is the best option during the installation.

  • What are the minimum operating system requirements for Moviemaker for Mac OS X?

    According to the information supplied by the developer, it is necessary to be running (at the minimum) Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9. Older versions of this operating system might not be able to support the file and performance issues could be the end result.

  • Is Moviemaker for Mac OS X legal to use?

    There are no legal issues when downloading and installing this program. However, it is intended for personal use only. Those who are looking to upload and share copyrighted images will likely need the permission of the owner in advance.

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